How Dental Crowns Help Your Smile
By Matyas & Matyas
February 20, 2020
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Cover an injured tooth. Restore a new dental implant. Anchor bridgework. What treatment can do all this? It's the dental crown, a tried and true restoration made of high-quality porcelain. At Matyas & Matyas in New London, your family dentists, Drs. Thomas, Janellen, and Teresa Matyas, offer beautiful porcelain crowns which improve oral health and smile aesthetics, too.

Do you know what a dental crown is?

At Matyas & Matyas in New London, the professional staff takes family dentistry seriously. The doctors offer the finest preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services so your smile thrives.

Dental crowns are one of these premier treatments. Crowns are tooth-shaped, tooth-colored and as durable as natural tooth structure. Also called caps, crowns cover failing, damaged enamel above the gum line.

Custom-fabricated according to your dentist's specifications and your natural dentition, a crown will:

  • Save a tooth from needless extraction
  • Support and protect it
  • Restore a dental implant
  • Cover a tooth restored by root canal therapy or threatened by infection or deep decay
  • Substitute for a large metal filling

Crowns support fixed bridges made up of one or more artificial teeth, too.

Do you need one?

You do if you want to keep a failing tooth or span a smile gap. Your dentist will inspect your teeth and gums and take digital X-rays to determine if a crown would accomplish your smile goals. Then, oral impressions and gentle enamel shaping get your tooth ready to receive that crown. A dental lab will make it to fit, bite properly and blend in with any surrounding teeth.

Benefits of dental crowns

1. Eliminate tooth decay, large chips, old metal fillings and infection

2. Hold a weak tooth together and avoid added damage

3. Long lifespan--ten years or more, says

4. Improve smile appearance, biting and chewing

5. Easy to take care of with professional cleanings and exams, brushing and flossing

Dental crowns can fail if abused with hard foods, chewing ice or your fingernails or a simple blow to the mouth. However, they are chip- and stain-resistant and cannot decay. Your friends at Matyas & Matyas use them often with great success.

Help your smile

Dental crowns could be the way to do it. Call Matyas & Matyas for an expert consultation at our family dentistry office. Call us at our New London, CT, office: (860) 443-4199. We open Monday through Friday at 8 am.


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