One Dentist for the Whole Family
By Matyas & Matyas
March 07, 2018
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Family dentistry practices like Matyas & Matyas in New London, Connecticut continue to grow in popularity all over the country, and withfamily dentist their convenience and expertise, it's easy to understand why. Our dentists, Dr. Thomas Matyas, Dr. Janellen Matyas and Dr. Teresa Matyas, are trained to work with people of all ages, from infancy onward, and we've outlined a few of the reasons here why choosing a family dentistry practice just make sense for everyone in your household!

Infants and preschoolers

Taking the youngest members of your family to the dentist may seem odd, especially if they haven't gotten many teeth yet. However, there are several reasons why the American Dental Association recommends that all children see a dentist by the age of 1, and your New London family dentist is a great place to get started! By visiting a dentist early in life, your children will become more accustomed to the sights, sounds and staff of a dental practice. It's also important that the dentist track the growth and development of your child's teeth. They can also guide you on the best ways to start a good dental hygiene routine at home.

Children and teens

As children mature, their teeth do as well. At Matyas & Matyas in New London, our family dentistry staff can monitor these changes and make the necessary recommendations for braces or other orthodontic treatments to ensure optimal dental health for your child. Staying consistent with regular dental visits at this age makes it more likely that kids will continue to make their dental health a priority later in life.

Adults and seniors

Taking good care of your teeth as you age isn't just imperative to a better smile; keeping decay and gum disease at bay also helps maintain your overall health as well. Our New London family dentists can help adults maintain good dental health with restorations and replacements for any tooth damage or loss that has happened along the way. As providers for people in every stage of life, we also make it easier for parents and caregivers to schedule appointments for everyone in the home.

To learn more about family dentistry, contact Matyas & Matyas in New London, Connecticut to schedule an appointment for yourself... or everyone in your household!


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